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Quit bitching about Taemin’s cover of “Get up”

Like, seriously, you people who can’t accept the fact that a k-pop idol covered a metal song, who are you to say whether he has the right to do that or not? Does any of you know Taemin personally? Do you know what kind of music he likes? Are you trying to say you judge by his style and the kind of music he’s been making so far? As if you don’t know he’s completely under SME’s control and he’s practically not allowed to build his personal style. Who are you people to say whether this was right or wrong?

And no, the cover was not terrible at all.

And this is coming from a metal fan. I’ve been listening to metal since I was a kid (yes, parental influence, I haz cool parents) and I’m 22 now, still listening to thrash metal.
But I listen to other kinds of music, including k-pop, so I feel like I need to express my opinion.
I admit, I am a Taemin fangirl, but I’m being realistic here. He can cover whichever song he likes and people should stop complaining about it. And cut that “omg, this is not him, this doesn’t suit him, he’s a cute boy, he can’t be metal” talk! None of us knows him personally and none of us has the right to judge.

I am proud of him! He’s well aware of the fact that everyone sees him as the innocent baby Tae and to get up there on the stage and do something completely different, it sure takes balls.