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I have a problem !!!

My boyfriend is obsessed with Taemin and Kai …

He knows the lyrics of ‘Danger’ and has watched the vid 100 times more than I have.

He occasionally stops and starts dancing like Taemin…IN PUBLIC !!!

And plans of doing a metal core cover of Exo’s ‘Overdose’ …

… I need 678 oz of champagne to celebrate his existence. <3

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Don’t mess with me, I have an entire folder of kpop reaction gifs that would shut you up.

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I already miss his blond hair :/

Made him look so….. j-rock

Ok so Taemin finally gets what he deserves. He finally SHINees bright and I am so proud. He needed this solo. 
I am terribly disappointed by fans who say negative things on his MV, I’m sad that some people refuse to see and hear his talent. I’m not even going to get into the whole “which SHINee member deserves the solo and which doesn’t” thing…Well I am sorry, call me biased, but I’m being realistic…he needed it and he got it, well deserved and I am so happy he enjoys it and shows his true self…finally!

I absolutely love the style he has in the “Danger” MV. The way he looks now (in the live performances also) is how I always imagined he should look. I’ve always thought dark style suits him perfectly and now that he looks EXACTLY how I’ve always wished for, I can only confirm it !

The MV is amazing, it’s different, I love all the styles he had there, I love the outfits and the makeup. I LOVE the song and the choreography. 

Well done, SME, well done :D 

As for the album…well…I can’t deny he has an amazing voice and that he’s very talented, but it didn’t match my taste. It doesn’t mean the album is bad, of course. “Danger” and ” Pretty boy” are my two favs, I like them because they are upbeat, fast and energetic songs. The rest of the songs are not my cup of tea. 

Overall…I am very proud and my love and support for this guy can’t be measured :)

Good job, Taemin! 

Is it just me or Taemin’s hair looks extremely thin now? :S 

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… -.- … fine.

I double dare you to call him “cute baby Tae” again after what you just witnessed here on tumblr…

Taemin’s new hair….

Oops, ouch, terrible…

Ok, no! I actually like it…

Yo, Shawols !

Yo ain’t gettin’ no teasers, go to sleep…


…They bleached Taemin’s hair just so that they can dye it RED?



I kinda hope Taemin gets to wear long hair again….

And black lather clothes….

And do some rock/metal stuff….

I guess I’m asking for too much…

Oh well…..


SOOOO it’s confirmed :D I am ultra happy and proud of him, he deserves this, he IS talented and people will finally be able to see it for themselves (not that no one has seen it before, but I remember there were lots of Shawols who couldn’t hear or see his potential) .
I am beyond confused and disappointing by fans who think this is unfair. Let’s just support the guy, can we?
I hope the company will let him express himself in a way he couldn’t before. I hope this will help him show a different maybe even his true side of him. I don’t know what to expect, but I am extremely exited , and not gonna lie, as much as I love SHINee as a band, I always hoped this would happen… ^_^



The first selca was taken right before I went to the bachelorette  party ( it looks as it was SNSD ‘Mr Mr’ themed … but it wasn’t :P)

And the second was taken the morning before I went to her wedding. I was one of the Bridesmaids :)

The left side of the third picture was taken 2 yrs ago, and the right one was taken yesterday. 

One of the hands in the first group hand photo belongs to the bride. 

Originally, our Pedo Noona group consists of 6 girls who enjoy kpop a bit too much….
But since one of us got married to her bias :P, the rest of us added a new girl to the group so there were 6 bridesmaids. 

I love this group of girls so much. They’ve changed my life throughout the years in so many ways. I can’t even explain how much they mean to me and how happy I am to have them in my life.

And I can’t even say how grateful I am that there was something amazing like kpop that brought us together. It was the first thing that I found in common with all of them and that connected us. It was only a beginning to a strong friendship. 

Now we will only get older and move on with our lives. One of us got married. Soon another one might get married as well. But it won’t change the fact that we’re here for each other.
We won’t ever change….at least, I know for sure, that we will forever stay the craziest kpop fans, the most insane Shawols, Exotics and Elfs in our country. And we are proud of ourselves that we actually started a pretty big kpop movement here. Now we have an entire group of hundreds of people, kpop and jrock fans that come to the open parties that we organize. 

Life is great when you have friends like these…and when you have kpop :P